Personal Shopper by Ronteix Nadia

« We receive you according to the habit, and we send you back according to the spirit.»

My vision of the image

Sublimate clients, using personal harmony.

It is an encounter with the world of harmonies and emotions in order to approach human beings and understand them better.

Before starting the services; a color test, the colors that surround you or that you choose, influence the emotions, those around you, translate who you are. Knowledge of the language of color also provides decisive assistance for the world of communication, style, creation, coaching, etc.

This approach allows you to better understand your emotional world in the moment and highlight your strengths.

The face is an open book, combining emotional testing and morphopsychology in order to understand the person in depth.

Fashion and psychology are linked. People redo their wardrobe or change their looks, following a change in their life. Clothing has a psychological function, to protect oneself from the gaze of others.

Fashion is knowing who we really are, freedom of expression, sharing through style. Tell a story with your clothes. Fashion is inspired by capsule collections. We create our own fashion!

Professional look - Its secrets and codes

Companies, Associations, Professional networks…
Business coaching
Because your employees are the primary vectors of communication for your company, their Image must be consistent with that of your structure. So, I suggest you support your employees in highlighting their Image through group workshops or personalized follow-ups.

Gain confidence by enhancing your image.
Strengthen and consolidate your communication by learning to manage your personal image: enhancement through colors, emotional test of colors, management of your silhouette and clothing advice, enhancement of your face for better relationships.
Know the professional codes


Individual and group coaching

  • Tailor-made advice,
    Learn to identify your fabrics, the cuts adapted to your body type, dress codes at work,
    emotional test based on colors and your morphopsychology. Together, we will rework your image in order to achieve your objectives.
    You will realize that your image is a formidable communication tool.